• Richard Thornthe dad making up lost time. A few scars, a Ranger tattoo. They took his 16-­year-­old daughter. He will find them. He will kill them.
  • Sasha SummersFit and adventurous. She's an experienced caver. An employee of the park service who helps RICHARD THORN navigate the cave to get his daughter back.
  • Plattbug-eyed, speedy, potential homicide barely restrained. He’s a bit of a wild card, but fearless with a gun. A ruthless member of the team.
  • Sylvia Stantonattractive, sexy, the alpha female with the spirit of a Viper. She's the distraction and lethal with her aim.
  • KlashSmooth, cool as liquid oxygen. He maintains leadership over his pack of badd-ass jewel thieves.
  • Linda Thorn... blames her dad for the divorce. She needles him to take her caving, despite his claustrophobia that he acquired during service in the Iraq War.
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